AI Caption Translations

Translate and Localize Your Video Captions with AI

Efficient Multilingual Caption Translation

Leverage AI to translate video captions, making your content universally accessible. Our AI Caption Translations solution is designed for creators and businesses aiming to reach a global audience by providing accurate, context-aware translations across a wide range of languages.

Features include:

- Fast & accurate translations

- Wide language coverage

- Easy integration with video platforms.



...your way

Best of Breed Translation Accuarcy

Utilizes cutting-edge AI technologies to provide quick and precise caption translations, ensuring your content is understood by a global audience.

  • Multiple AIĀ algorithms ensure the most accurate translations for any language
  • Define how certain custom words are translated e.g. brands &Ā acronyms
  • Create preferred language templates &Ā workflows

Wide Language Coverage

Supports an extensive array of languages, enabling you to connect with viewers worldwide by offering content in their native language.

  • Support for all major global languages
  • Translations tuned for cultural appropriateness
  • Users can suggest additional languages via support

Easy Integration with Video Platforms

Designed for seamless integration with major video platforms, making it straightforward to add translated captions to your existing video content.

  • Easy download of captions in all major formats
  • Export captions to connected social platforms
  • Design automation workflows for exporting captions other exciting features!



This is only the beginning...

We have a BIGĀ vision for what we want Braiv Player andĀ our platform to become. Join us on our journey as we shape the future of online video andĀ global engagement.


The worlds simplest online customisable video player

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Current stage

The worlds first multi-language online video player

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June '24

AIĀ generated video captions, and localisation

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Q2 '24

No-code automations for video translations &Ā social sharing

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Q3 '24

Cross-platform analytics &Ā data integrations

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Q4 '24

AI generated marketing insights &Ā translation API's

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Frequently asked questions

How accurate are the AI-generated caption translations?

Our AI Caption Translations service prioritizes accuracy, using context-aware algorithms to ensure translations maintain the original content's meaning and tone.

What languages can you translate captions into?

We offer caption translation services in a wide range of languages, catering to a global audience and enhancing the accessibility of your videos.

How quickly can captions be translated?

Our service is designed for efficiency, capable of translating captions quickly to meet tight publishing schedules without sacrificing quality.

Can the AI handle complex terminology in captions?

Yes, our AI technology is trained on specialized vocabularies to accurately translate complex terminology, making it suitable for educational, technical, and niche content.

Is it easy to integrate these translations into my videos?

Absolutely, our platform offers easy integration options for major video hosting services, enabling you to effortlessly add translated captions to your content.