Karaoke Style Video Captions

Engage Your Audience with Captions Synchronized with Speakers

Interactive Captions for an Immersive Viewing Experience

Bring your videos to life with Karaoke Style, and Modern Video Captions, enhancing viewer engagement through synchronized lyrics and captions that highlight in time with audio playback.

Perfect for music videos, educational content, and any video seeking to offer a more interactive and immersive experience.

Features include

  • Real-time caption synchronization
  • Customizable caption styles
  • Support for multiple languages



...your way

Real-time Caption Synchronization

Ensure captions highlight in perfect sync with the audio, providing modern, karaoke-style experience which is proven to improve engagement &Ā information retention.

  • Studies prove increased viewer engagement
  • Inclusive and supports viewers with accessibility needs
  • Perfect for online education or marketing videos

Customizable Caption Styles

Tailor the appearance of your captions with various fonts, colors, and animations to match the video's aesthetic.

  • Choose your preferred fonts, size and weight
  • Ensure colours match your individual or organisation brand
  • Choose whether captions display automatically for viewers

Support for Multiple Languages

Extend the reach of your content with captions available in multiple languages, making your videos accessible to a global audience.

  • Caption translations built right into Braiv Player
  • Modern, karaoke style captions supported across all languages
  • Simple &Ā intuitive language switching in Braiv Player

...plus other exciting features!



This is only the beginning...

We have a BIGĀ vision for what we want Braiv Player andĀ our platform to become. Join us on our journey as we shape the future of online video andĀ global engagement.


The worlds simplest online customisable video player

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Current stage

The worlds first multi-language online video player

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June '24

AIĀ generated video captions, and localisation

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Q2 '24

No-code automations for video translations &Ā social sharing

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Q3 '24

Cross-platform analytics &Ā data integrations

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Q4 '24

AI generated marketing insights &Ā translation API's

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Frequently asked questions

How do karaoke style captions enhance viewer engagement?

By syncing captions with audio in real time and allowing for interactive elements, viewers are more likely to be engaged and retain information.

Can I customize the look of my video captions?

Yes, our tool provides a variety of customization options for fonts, colors, and animations to align with your videoā€™s style.

Is it difficult to set up karaoke style captions?

No, our intuitive interface and tools make it easy to synchronize and style your captions, no matter your technical skill level.

Do these captions support languages other than English?

Absolutely, we support multiple languages, enabling you to connect with a diverse and global audience.

Can karaoke style captions be used in any video genre?

Yes, while popular in music videos, karaoke style captions are effective in educational content, documentaries, and more for enhancing viewer engagement.