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Our Vision...

One video, global engagement...
Say goodbye to video version overload.

Braiv is the only online video hosting platform that breaks down the barriers of engagement &Ā language without the need to create &Ā manage multiple videos...saving you time, effort & costs!

Braiv Player

The worlds first online video player that natively supports modern captioning, AI translations &Ā voice dubbing...and even integrates an AIĀ assistant, trained on your videos content & associated resources.

One video, one platform...always!

Beautiful house with karaoke video captions

Modern, engaging captions

Modern, karaoke style captions have been proven to better engage &Ā inform viewers.

Don't waste time creating new versions of your videos with captions when our player supports them natively!

Podcast host & guest talking in multiple languages

Translations &Ā dubbing

The internet is global, and so your videos should cater to a global audience.

Braiv Player supports video translations into over 70 languages...without the need to manage multiple videos!

AI video chatbot inside a video player

AI sales &Ā support assistant

Video insights can make the difference in your global marketing strategies.

Let our AIĀ engage &Ā support your customers right int he moment, providing you real world insights like never before!

Seamless social sharing...

Braiv Share

Single-click social media sharing

We get love BraivĀ Player, but you still need your captioned &Ā dubbed videos distributed across your social media platforms to reach your audience.
We've got your back!

With BraivĀ Share, we connect to all your socials, using deep APIĀ integrations, to share your videos, deploy your captions,Ā and manage foreign versions as well...all with a single click!

Inspirational insights

Braiv Insights

Aggregated analytics...curated by A.I.

By connecting your socials to Braiv, we not only streamline the process to post your videos in bulk, but we can bring in all those juicy viewing analytics as well!

BraivĀ Insights allows you to see all your platform analytics in one place, and better yet, using Machine Learning, we can provide deep insights into how your videos are performing, and AIĀ suggested next steps to enhance your marketing efforts.

Ready to take your online videos to the next level?