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The worlds 1st multi-language online video hosting platform, integrating automatic captions, translations and AIĀ dubbing, all through a customisable video player

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of the worlds internet population do NOTĀ use the internet in English



of internet users prefer to view online videos in their native language



people globally have hearing loss, relying on accurate video captions

Why Braiv Player?

Your brand, your videos...
your player

Promote your brand with the worlds simplest customisable video player

  • Brand colours: add brand colours to the video player for instant recognition
  • Company logo: boost brand presence by adding your company logo
  • Save as template:Ā save custom templates for quick and easy video player customisation

Closed captions...done the modern way

Animated captoons are for more than just karaoke!

  • Accessibility: modern, animated captions increase readability for viewer with accessibility needs
  • Viewer engagement: studies suggest animated captions increase viewing time
  • Information retention: when viewers are engaged, they learn &Ā remember more

Single-click language switching...easy!

Caption translations and foreign audio switching done the right way

  • Intuitive language switching: no more digging in settings menus to change language
  • Foreign captions or audio: switch language of captions or audio...or both
  • Integrated AIĀ dubbing: the 1st video hosting platform to integrate AIĀ dubbing into your videos

The best part? It's FREE for Beta Users!

Easy as 1, 2...3

Bring your videos & your brand to viewers globally with just 3 simple steps:

Abstract image of video import screen for Braiv Player

1. Import

Import or upload videos to Braiv and have your content auto analysed by our AI

Abstract image of video customisation screen for Braiv Player

2. Customise

Customise and brand the video player, and choose what languages you want to support

Abstract image of video embed screen for Braiv Player

3. Embed

Embed Braiv Player in any website builder or online content platform, and wow your audience!

"A brand is simply trust"

~ Steve Jobs ~

Who is Braiv Player for?

Whether you're a large business or a budding start-up, your brand matters. Elevate your online presence with our customisable, global accessible video player that will leave a lasting impression.

Icon showing online real estate video

Real Estate

Showcase properties with captivating visuals and personal or corporate branding

Icon showing digital agency

Digital Agency

Elevate client campaigns with custom video solutions that leave a lasting impact

Icon showing property developer

Property Developer

Drive interest and sales with captivating, on brand video presentations

Icon showing online educator

Online Educator

Engage learners with dynamic and branded educational content that makes a difference

Icon showing online creator

Content Creator

Enhance your storytelling with video branding while increasing YouTube views

Icon showing ecommerce site

Online Retail

Boost conversions with branded product videos and demos that make lasting impressions



This is only the beginning...

We have a BIGĀ vision for what we want Braiv Player andĀ our platform to become. Join us on our journey as we shape the future of online video andĀ global engagement.


The worlds simplest online customisable video player

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March '24

The worlds first multi-language online video player

Learn more >
Current stage

AIĀ generated video captions, and localisation

Learn more >
Q3 '24

No-code automations for video translations &Ā social sharing

Learn more >
Q4 '24

Cross-platform analytics &Ā data integrations

Learn more >

AI generated marketing insights &Ā translation API's

Learn more >

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Ready to bring your online videos to global audiences?

Frequently asked questions

How can IĀ import videos into Braiv for hosting?

We provide options for importing videos into Braiv, either via simple upload from your computer, or you can import videos rom existing YouTube videos.

We will also be adding additional import options in the future including:
- Vimeo
- Twitter/X
- TikTok

The goal is to make it as simple as possible for users to get videos into Braiv and then captioned, translated, dubbed and delivered to your audiences.

IĀ want to join the Beta program...what do IĀ need to do?

For now, all you need to do to apply for the Beta program is to signup via our Beta Program page and then join our Discord server or reply to the automatic email you will receive upon singing up.

Why do IĀ need to join Discord or reply to the email????

Well it's to ensure that the people applying to the program are in fact humans...not those bots that seem to roam the internet. By putting in these small guardrails, we ensure that anyone getting access to our Beta platform, are there with good intent.

Furthermore, by joining the Discord server, you will be part of our growing community and be able to make feaure requests and get personalised support from the Braiv Team!

What features will be available during the Beta Program?

While we have BIGĀ visions for the future of Braiv as a platform, our Beta Program is focussed on providing the core functionality of Braiv Player including:
- Import/upload of video content
- Automated captioning including our "Modern Captions" for native or dubbed languages
- Caption translation
- AIĀ video dubbing
- Braiv Player embed with multi-language switching

As part of the program we will also be taking feature requests from the comunity to further enhance the platform.

Can IĀ use any videos IĀ create on Braiv on my current website?


In fact, we absolutely encourage users to show off the power of Braiv Player on their websites. We will be hosting various competitions and prizes for users who can showcase Braiv Player on their websites as well as it makes us proud!

Also, even though its a Beta Program, your account will not be deleted, and no videos will be deleted once the program is complete. Any videos you host on our platform will be accessible to you forever, or should you decide to leave the platform.

How much will it cost to join the Beta Program and is it unlimited in use?

The Beta Program, and all features will be completely FREE for the during of the program.

This means that as Beta testers you can experience all the features mentioned (and possibly more)Ā as no cost to you whatsoever.

To ensure our costs don't go crazy, we will be putting in fair usage policies, but will be open to providing additional credits to users should they provide valid reason.

Once the program is complete, if users wish to continue using the platform and enjoying any paid features, all users will be eligible for significant discounts for the first year.

It says the Beta Program starts in July...can IĀ just wait until then to apply?

Well, if you want...but it's important to note that we are capping the program at 1000 users.

Oh....did we mention that we have already accepted over 600 applicants already?!

So yer, you can wait...but you may just miss out on this awesome opportunity because seats are going FAST!

Once you apply, your position is secured unless you change your mind...but we can't think why you'd go ahead and do that!