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The simplest way to deliver custom branded videos on your website, without the need to manage multiple video hosting platforms.

Beautiful house with karaoke video captions
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Here's to the brave ones...

Online educator with video captions

Brand matters...



of snap judgments consumers make about products are to do with colour



of organisations have brand guidelines, but only 30%Ā enforce them consistently



of consumers want to see more videos from brands that they follow

Why Braiv Player?

Your brand, your videos...
your player

Promote your brand with the worlds simplest customisable video player

  • Brand colours: add brand colours to the video player for instant recognition
  • Company logo: boost brand presence by adding your company logo
  • Save as template:Ā save custom templates for quick and easy video player customisation
Video of cereal advert

Brand colour:

Centre play button:


The minute you see it, it's striking
Paused YouTube video of real estatePaused Braiv Player video of real estate

Say goodbye to video platform juggling

Stream existing YouTube videos, without the distractions

  • Add video URL: add the link for your public YouTube video and then...well, that's it!
  • Auto import video info: auto-import video title, description &Ā thumbnail from YouTube
  • Manage only one platform: no need to upload videos to other platforms for custom player goodness

Boost your brand & improve discoverability

Every view through Braiv, increases YouTube analytics

  • Increase YouTube views: all videos viewed through Braiv Player count towards YouTube views
  • Enhance video discoverability: views make Google happy, and helps promote your content
  • Track website views:Ā track website views while maintaining brand consistency
Video of podcast hosts talking

YouTube: 2,509 views
Website:Ā 1,200 views


The best part? It's 100%Ā free!

Easy as 1, 2...3

Bring your videos and your brand to life with just 3 simple steps:

Don't believe us?

Just see for yourself...

In this video walkthrough, we guide you through the first release of Braiv Player.

We will cover three core steps:
1. adding a public YouTube link
2. customizing the player
3. embedding it onto your website.

By the end of this walkthrough, you will have a customised video player on your website without any YouTube branding or ads!

Abstract image of video import screen for Braiv Player

1. Import

Import your videos and stream through Braiv Player by simply adding a public YouTube link

Abstract image of video customisation screen for Braiv Player

2. Customise

Add your logo and customise the Braiv Player with your brand colours andĀ aesthetics

Abstract image of video embed screen for Braiv Player

3. Embed

Embed Braiv Player in any website builder or online content platform, and wow your audience!

"A brand is simply trust"

~ Steve Jobs ~

Who is Braiv Player for?

Whether you're a large business or a budding start-up, your brand matters. Elevate your online presence with our customisable video player that will leave a lasting impression.

Icon showing online real estate video

Real Estate

Showcase properties with captivating visuals and personal or corporate branding

Icon showing digital agency

Digital Agency

Elevate client campaigns with custom video solutions that leave a lasting impact

Icon showing property developer

Property Developer

Drive interest and sales with captivating, on brand video presentations

Icon showing online educator

Online Educator

Engage learners with dynamic and branded educational content that makes a difference

Icon showing online creator

Content Creator

Enhance your storytelling with video branding while increasing YouTube views

Icon showing ecommerce site

Online Retail

Boost conversions with branded product videos and demos that make lasting impressions



This is only the beginning...

We have a BIGĀ vision for what we want Braiv Player andĀ our platform to become. Join us on our journey as we shape the future of online video andĀ global engagement.


The worlds simplest online customisable video player

Learn more >
March '24

The worlds first multi-language online video player

Learn more >
Current stage

AIĀ generated video captions, and localisation

Learn more >
Q3 '24

No-code automations for video translations &Ā social sharing

Learn more >
Q4 '24

Cross-platform analytics &Ā data integrations

Learn more >

AI generated marketing insights &Ā translation API's

Learn more >

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Ready to take your online videos to the next level?

Frequently asked questions

How can I customise the video player to match my brand?

Our customisable video player offers extensive customisation options, including the ability to add your logo, choose custom colours, and adjust the control bar to align with your brand guidelines.
We have designed the editing experience to be as simple &Ā intuitive as possible so ANYONE can create a gorgeous player design that matches their brand.
We want to be seen as the simplest customisable HTML5 video player in the world that eventually will intuitively support multi-language capabilities.

IĀ love the video player design IĀ have created...can IĀ use this design across multiple videos?

You sure can!
Once you are happy with a particular design for your player, you can save this as a template so you can apply this design to any other videos you want to stream through Braiv a single click!
You can create as many templates as you like depending on what kind of video or design you want to host on your website.

Do IĀ need to upload my videos into Braiv to play them through Braiv Player?

Not at all!
While we will introduce the ability to upload &Ā host videos directly on Braiv in the near future, for our initial product, all you need to do is provide the URLĀ of a public YouTube video, and then we stream that directly through our player.
Not only is this a super simple experience, but you get the benefit of only having to host your videos on one platform, yet still enjoy a custom branded video experience, without all the YouTube distractions.

Can Braiv Player be used on any website?

As long as the website builder you are using supports HTMLĀ embeds or iFrames, you can host our player on your site.

This means that our player is compatible with all popular website building solutions including:
- Webflow
- Wix
- Wordpress
- Squarespace
- Shopify
Just to name a few...

Is Braiv Player really free? If are you guys making money?

The short answer is YES, Braiv Player is free...and will always be free for streaming YouTube videos. We got tired of seeing platforms charge for such simple needs, and wanted to make this as accessible as possible.
Fear not, we will be building in more advanced functionality in the future which you can enjoy for an affordable subscription.
See our vision for more info on features we will be including into the platform in the near future including:
- automated captions
- caption translations
- foreign dubbing via text-to-speech (TTS)Ā technology
- no-code social media sharing automations
- and much, MUCH more!