Social Media Video Analytics

Gain Insights into Your Video Performance Across Your Social Platforms with Braiv Insights

Comprehensive Analytics for Social Media Video Content

Our Social Media Video Analytics tool provides deep insights into your video content's performance across all your connected social media platforms, and of course from your own websites.

Track engagement, views, demographics, and more to refine your strategy and maximize impact. Ideal for content creators, marketers, and social media managers seeking to understand their audience and improve content reach.

Features include:

  • engagement analysis
  • viewer demographics
  • performance benchmarks
  • optimization recommendations


video marketing

...your way

Engagement Analysis

Examine how viewers interact with your videos, from likes and shares to comments and watch time, to gauge content engagement from all your connected social media platforms.

  • Aggregate viewing analytics from all social media platforms
  • Understand how videos perform on certain platforms
  • Discover what demographics, and in what language, engage with your content most

Viewer Language Demographics

Understand your audience with detailed demographic data, including age, gender, location...and finally, preferred language!

  • Discover where in the world your most active viewers are
  • Ensure more informed language decisions for future marketing strategies
  • Understand cultural appropriateness of future content

Customisable Analytics Dashboards

Compare your video performance against industry benchmarks to assess your content's relative success, especially for when marketing to global audiences.

  • Customise your Braiv analytics to best suit your organisation requirements
  • Understand exactly how your audience engages with your content
  • Design A/BĀ testing to ensure robust marketing insights to inform strategy other exciting features!



This is only the beginning...

We have a BIGĀ vision for what we want Braiv Player andĀ our platform to become. Join us on our journey as we shape the future of online video andĀ global engagement.


The worlds simplest online customisable video player

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Current stage

The worlds first multi-language online video player

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April '24

AIĀ generated video captions, and localisation

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Q2 '24

No-code automations for video translations &Ā social sharing

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Q3 '24

Cross-platform analytics &Ā data integrations

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Q4 '24

AI generated marketing insights &Ā translation API's

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Frequently asked questions

What type of insights can I expect from video analytics?

Our analytics provide detailed insights on engagement metrics, audience demographics, content reach, and effectiveness, helping you make data-driven decisions.

Can I track video performance across multiple social platforms?

Yes, our tool aggregates data from various social media platforms, allowing you to have a holistic view of your video content's performance.

How can video analytics help improve my content strategy?

By understanding viewer preferences and behavior, you can tailor your content to better meet audience needs, increasing engagement and reach.

Are there recommendations for content optimization?

Yes, based on analytics insights, we provide actionable recommendations for content optimization to enhance your video marketing strategy.

How does the tool measure viewer engagement?

Engagement is measured through interactions such as likes, comments, shares, and detailed watch time analysis, providing a comprehensive view of viewer involvement.