Automated Social Media Sharing

Maximize Your Reach with Automated Video Localisation & Social Media Distribution with Braiv Share

Braiv Share - Streamline Your Global Social Media Strategy

Our Automated Social Media Video Sharing workflows streamline & simplify the distribution of video content across multiple social media platforms.

Ideal for marketers, influencers, and businesses looking to enhance their digital presence, Braiv Share automates the sharing process, ensuring timely and consistent video content delivery.

Features include:

  • multi-platform scheduling
  • performance analytics
  • customizable sharing options.


video marketing

...your way

Multi-Platform Sharing & Scheduling

Schedule your video content to be shared automatically across various social media platforms, optimizing for the best posting times, or just share immediately.

  • Create custom video localisation and sharing workflows
  • Automate previously tedious tasks relating to video accessibility
  • No need to juggle different supported caption files for social platforms - leave that to us!

Performance Analytics

Gain insights into how your videos are performing on social media with detailed analytics, helping you refine your content strategy.

  • Track &Ā aggregate all video views across social media and your website
  • Understand which platforms have most engagement...and in which language
  • Make informed decisions on best platform and langiage strategies

Automated Sharing Workflows

Tailor your sharing approach with customizable captions, hashtags, and mentions to maximize engagement and reach.

  • Define caption styles, languages and dubbing preferences based on each social platform
  • Gather deep insights into platform video and language capabilities
  • Distribute to as many platforms as required in a heartbeat other exciting features!



This is only the beginning...

We have a BIGĀ vision for what we want Braiv Player andĀ our platform to become. Join us on our journey as we shape the future of online video andĀ global engagement.


The worlds simplest online customisable video player

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March '24

The worlds first multi-language online video player

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Current stage

AIĀ generated video captions, and localisation

Learn more >
Q3 '24

No-code automations for video translations &Ā social sharing

Learn more >
Q4 '24

Cross-platform analytics &Ā data integrations

Learn more >

AI generated marketing insights &Ā translation API's

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Frequently asked questions

How does automated sharing save time?

By scheduling content in advance and automating the sharing process, you can save significant time, allowing you to focus on content creation and strategy.

Can I share the same video across different platforms?

Yes, our platform allows you to share the same video across multiple platforms, with the ability to customize each post for platform-specific best practices.

How detailed are the performance analytics?

Our analytics provide comprehensive insights, including views, engagement rates, and demographic data, to help you understand your audience better.

Can I adjust the sharing schedule after setting it?

Absolutely, you can modify your scheduled posts at any time to adapt to new content strategies or unforeseen changes...or just post immediately.

What social media platforms are supported?

Our service supports major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, and YouTube, covering a wide audience spectrum.